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our friendship by fadimafayau

Our Friendship | Chapter Six

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Usman was busy roaming about walking to and fro with his arm folded across his chest watching his watch from time to time and hissing at the same time. Sa’ada entered the parlor not noticing his mood, she sat on the three-seater chair saying, “Oh my God am so tired,” she said stretching her hands

Usman looks at her with a straight face, “You must be tired seeing the time you are coming back, where have you been I thought it’s morning duty you have today,” Usman asked peering directly into her face his mood was totally bad.

Sa’ada frowned her face, “What kind of question is that where will I be apart from work.” She replied to him adjusting herself well on the chair.

Usman pointed at the watch, “What’s the time now I thought you had morning duties? But see the time you are coming back it’s already 7 pm.”

Sa’ada Hum there are a lot of patients today and sister Maryam asked for my help for her daughter is sick and I have no choice but to conduct her duty.”

“Mtsss” Usman hissed, “So because I mean nothing to you and you are on your own, simple phone call you can’t call and tell me you will be late.” He complained his face and voice sounded dangerous.

She shakes her head and squeezes her lips after standing on her feet, “Please Usman am tired.” Sa’ada said trudging to her room.

Usman followed her furiously.  She is already in the toilet when he entered the bedroom, he hissed and sit at the bedside waiting for her.

Sa’ada come out drying her hair with a towel Usman who was sitting on the bedside rise to a standing position and moved closer to her.

“What did you do?” he question narrowing his eyes while looking at her he seems suspicious of her.

Sa’ada looks at him exasperatedly pressing her lips together and say, “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you see am from the toilet, I had a shower isn’t it normal?” She asked wrathfully.

“It wasn’t, how can you come back from work and had a shower just before praying, how do you want me to believe it wasn’t Janaba bath.”

Sa’ada roll her eyes, “Actually, I don’t get all these you are doing, are you doubting me or what? do you think am cheating on you?” She asked furiously.

He snapped, “Yes am doubting you, I do not believe that you are at the hospital you have to tell me where you were.” He said looking directly into her eyes.

She gasped; “am not the kind of woman that will be seeing another man while am married, just because I slept with you before marriage doesn’t mean am that cheap, you can go to the hospital and verify there are security cameras there.”

She continued “For your information, I will never see another man when am married,” She said gripping her waist.

Usmam slapped her saying, “Whom are you shouting at? Sa’ada just hold her chin.

“Usman did you just slap me?” She asked tearfully, he did not answer but rather left the house.

Usman was really angry, he was just driving not knowing where to go he doesn’t know how but he finds himself in front of Zainab’s house, he stays in his car for a moment before coming out of the car and sending a young boy to call Zainaba for him.

Zainaba was in her room she is in irritable state nothing seems her way.

Hearing the boy say someone wanted to see Zainaba made her know it was Usman because it’s only him and her father that address her as Zainab the rest call her Abu.

Abu! Her mother who was lying down on the seating mound in the house compound called loudly.

Zanaba answered while coming out.

“Usman wanted to see you he is outside,” her mum said, “but I have no reason to see him, we have nothing to do with each other now.” Zainaba who was standing said.

“Mtsss” Her mum hissed “being divorced doesn’t mean ending your relationship with him, you already have kids isn’t that a reason for you to see him.” Her mom replied.

Zainaba walked outside at a slower pace pressing her lips and grumbling.

He was sitting in his car facing the front door seeing her coming out to make him come out of his car, Zainaba glanced at him, accidentally they make eye contact like always a smile is plastered on his face seeing him like this made her emotionally paralyzed the giant Usman changes a lot he loses a lot of weight and looks darker.

She smiled back at him and move closer to him like always she greeted him first.

“Am not here to say anything but please can we stay here for some minutes?” He said while looking at her pleading with his eyes.

They stay for some time discreetly before Zainab broke the silence, and say, “Please Usman be brave every cloud has a silver lining”

” Please Zainab don’t add insult to my injured heart nothing can comfort me right now.” He cut her

“Ok, then am going inside,” she said.

 “Ok thank you for coming.” He said shortly

  She watched him drive away. She went home feeling worried she  hope that in time he would forget about her.


Zainaba was distressed these days, her father asked her to bring a man she wanted to marry, he is even insisting that the man should gear up heretofore her service or else he will marry her to a man of his choice.

like always, she was in her room reading Qur’an the sole comfort she has these days. Ibrahim her younger brother come in telling her their father wanted to see her. Her intestines twisted as her heartbeat faster, she knows what the call is about today is her deadline to bring a husband and her answer is no she was afraid of what her father’s reaction will be.

Her father was sitting on the seating mound in the house compound, Zainaba doesn’t know what is coming she greeted him and sit upright and directed her gaze meekly to the floor fidgeting her fingers and praying in her mind for Baba to be easy on her.

Baba clear his throat, ” I have been waiting for your answer the whole week and today is the deadline who is the man?” (He meant the man she wanted to marry).

“Baba Please give me more time am not ready yet,” she said her voice stammering.

His eyes opened widely, “What are you saying more time? Let me tell you I can’t live with a daughter not married; I just can’t endure people pointing hands at me that my daughter is a divorcee.” He said boiling with indignation.

Well, he rose, “You will marry Malam Musa as soon as you finish your service.”

What Malam Musa zainaba look up her face lined with surprise and fear she realized her father was being supremely tactful.

He raised his eyebrows “Yes him, he seeks to marry you and I told him to wait because I wanted to give you some chance” he replied with a long face.

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