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Voice of Love by Jamilu Abdulrahman

Because Of You | Voice Of Love

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Because of you, I lose my mind, 

I can’t sleep, nor can I think, 

I cannot eat, nor can I see, 

You stole my heart, and ran away, 

Now I am lost like a mystery. 


You stole my heart, 

You kidnapped my soul, 

You have all it takes, 

To make me at peace, 

Because I love you. 


Please don’t go away, 

I want you with me, 

Don’t ever say nay, 

Because that will kill me, 

Because I need you. 


My body needs your touch to be alive,

My heart needs your love for it to beat, 

My soul needs your breath to ever exist,

My life needs yours to exist in this world,

Because you are the one I belong to. 

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