Mysterious Pen

A collection of mysterious poems about society, religion and more. Dive in and enjoy, as the mysteries unfold.


I Am Not Your Punching Bag

I Am Not Your Punching Bag And Other Stories is a collection of short moral and interesting stories depicting the daily struggles of African woman.


Yes, She Is

A mother’s love is irreplaceable, her beauty is unimaginable and her heart is beyond this world.


Voice of Love

Love is a living, breathing entity by itself. It is adorable to feel, but seldom to hear. These voices of love are yearning to be heard, so let’s hear them through this collection of poems.



Dwell in this piece of work to find the meaning and purpose of relationship.


Our Friendship

When Zainab caught her best friend Sa’ada with her husband naked on their matrimonial bed, a ruckus ensured which ended the marriage shortly after. But is that really the solution she sought? Are things going to happen the way Sa’ada planned?