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Love is life and love is sweet, 

Love is true and forever,

Love is life and love is bliss, 

Love is saying goodbye never, 

Love is what keep us all together, 

Love is never going astray,

Love is loving more each day, 

Love is being happy every day, 

Love is loving and being in love 

Love is what makes the world go round. 


Love is an emotion that can be felt, 

Love is an emotion that kindles all the things, 

It makes your heart yearn for the things, 

That you never expect to exist, 

Love is a feeling that is too deep, 

It makes you do things in your sleep, 

If you are in love, you are the lucky one, 

If you are in love, your life is a bliss, 

Seal your love with happiness along, 

Seal with that taste of a hug. 

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Haiman Raees

Idan har rayuwata bata zamo mai amfani ga kowa ba, to mutuwata ba za ta zamo rashi ga kowa ba.View Author posts

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