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I can’t express what I feel when I am with you

Can’t express how I feel, the feeling is so new

The time gone by proves how true is your love

Looking at you makes the angels sing from heaven above

I am amazed with the magic that love actually does

Love you much my sweetie pie. 


Love was just another word

till the time you came in my life

Your caring touch and your loving smile

Filled the void and loved me so much

When my soul and my heart became yours

When my world was dipped in sorrow

Your twinkling eyes brightened it up all.


How so ever this life may become

Your mere presence can make it all

Jubilant like sky and fresh like milk

No matter where ever I go

No matter how much I get low,

In you, my strength I have always found. 


Somewhere sometime

The moon will come down

On its knees too fine,

When my heart will pound

To tell you how much,

It beats for you.


You are far but I feel your love so close

I feel lonely if I don’t receive my daily dose

It took some time for me to realize

That real love is not something you advertize

It stays in your heart and heals the pain

But my dear, all I am now left with is a memory train.

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Haiman Raees

Idan har rayuwata bata zamo mai amfani ga kowa ba, to mutuwata ba za ta zamo rashi ga kowa ba.View Author posts

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