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Part 13 of 29 in the Series Mysterious Pen by Haiman Raees


I am in love with your smile 

Life is not long even a mile 

Because of you I will cross the Nile 

Just so to see your pretty smile. 

I am melting inside out 

Life is so hot there’s no doubt 

But I have to give it a shot 

Just so to see your pretty smile.

It is so cool to see your face 

Your charms and your grace 

I can’t leave you, no chance 

Because I love your pretty smile. 

You are my joy and happiness

Your comfort and richness

Make my days worth always

It’s so good to see your pretty smile.

You’re so good nevertheless

I can testify your shyness

The blushes that comes always

The moment you smile.

When I think of your smile 

I used to feel joy for a while 

But whenever I see your smile 

Oh! I love the way you smile. 

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