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You wound, you hang, you kill

You burn, you tie and kill in thrill

You neglect, imprison and destroy

You violate, make an avenger to deploy.

You, a riding horse or murderer

Are dangerous like a frowning cobra 

Small in size with massive work 

That pierces the heart like a turning fork.

A soft organ, a dour part

The crime you sourced backs thereto 

Why this bones won’t retard you 

From chundering which leads to suicide?

Besides, a mighty weapon of fight 

Which converts slavery to right 

As you are a sharp edge, prove it 

Fight against injustice and heal it.

Fight against corruption and robbery 

Fight against rape and slavery

Against child abuse, against kidnapping 

Against Immorality and ignorance.

By this, you are essential with tips 

Through which to express grief 

Can make any crisis no more 

Without you, the world will be silent. 

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