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Part 7 of 33 in the Series Our Friendship by Fadimafayau

Usman drove to his friend’s house Muktar after Leaving Zainab’s House, The gate man, Malam Bala, opened the gate for him after informing his boss Muktar that he has a guest.

Muktar was sitting watching movie at his sitting room, he looks at Usman opened mouthed before saying “Usman what happened? You change a lot, look at you, you lose a lot of weight and you are darker than always ” he Said at the same time with surprise.

Usman strolled nonchalantly toward Muktar  “Uhum you won’t understand”  Usman lamented while sitting next to Muktar.

Muktar look at him with narrow eyes, “How can you say I can’t understand, just tell me, I will,” Muktar retorted showing some care.

Usman sighed “I made a huge mistake, enunciating our divorce 3 times I don’t know how, and why” he bewailed sobbing silently as if he is not a man.

“Be a man please, men never cry for love, after all you have Sa’ada she got everything especially the looks.” Muktar said tapping  Usman’s shoulder in his attempt to comfort him.

Usman tilt his head and smirked, “When I said u can’t understand my situation you said you will, looks or beauty isn’t everything and it doesn’t matter, what matters is how I feel, and what I wanted, I love Zainab not Sa’ada”. Usman said languidly.

“Then why do you marry her if you have no feelings for her?” Musktar Question

“I have my reason for that.” Usman replied briefly.

He rolls his eye then lick his lips with his tongue before he continues saying “What am regretting is not accepting my mistake, had it been I admitted to my mistake for sleeping with Sa’ada at our matrimonial home, Zainab won’t asked for divorce” he said ruefully.

Muktar shrugged “Well there is always a solution to any kind of problem, it only depends on how we view the problem.” Muktar said

“I told you it’s already 3 times, the only way we can be back together is when she marries another man, and he divorces her, the problem is that marrying again will be killing me, as I know no man will marry her and divorce her.” Usman mentioned tearfully.

Muktar burst into laughter; “Said who? he asked, let me tell you, there are a lot of people like you, who can divorce her.” Just have some hope.

Usman scowled; “What is this Muktar? Am telling you my problem and you are laughing, I hate nonsense wallahi,” he said belligerently.

He tapped his tight “Calm down my man, as I told you early there is always a solution to a problem, yours not excluded, why not you pay for another man to marry her for some months, just for him to divorce her later, so you can be back together.” Muktar replied looking at Usman in his attempt to find out what his reaction is.

Usman smacked his palm against his forehead and tighten his lips “You will always be the worse person I know, how can you advise me to do such a thing, after knowing it’s prohibited, I can’t do that just help me pray for Zainab not to find another man, things will be easier for me if she never marries again.” Usman besought.

Muktar smirked “That’s what I will never do, after calling me the worse person and you are begging for prayers,” Muktar replied in anger

“Haba my man don’t mind my words, I said that out of anger, and I take back my words, “he said pleading with his eyes.

After some silent Usman said “Am thirsty, I need some water.”

Muktar frowned his face, “You know where to get it,” Usman laughed, “common man let bygone be bygone I take back what I said.” Usman said rosing up.

There are alot of drinks in the fridge, he took a bottle of water plus one soft drink.

Muktar watch him drink it all, before saying; “I thought you quiet drinking Muktar asked?”

“Yes what did you see?” he asked looking at the bottle in his hand this is soft drink.

Muktar smile “it’s nothing, I just  forget to tell you, I add some drugs to it.”

Usman thrown away the bottle he is holding, before hissing ” you have lot of problems wallahi, how can you add drugs to a soft drink, and leave it in frigde, when I said you are the worse person I know I mean it,” Usman said in a drunk voice,” the drug Muktar said he added to the drink seems to be heavy seeing how Usman was pissed in few minutes.

Hmm “it’s better to be drunk than to have heart attack because of love.” Muktar replied to him smiling.

Usman took another bottle and finished it, Muktar was watching him and never stop him.

Usman do not leave his friend house till midnight, when he comes back home Sa’ada was sleeping in the palour, he was drunk as he entered the parlour he is walking and mumbling drunkenly.

Sa’ada was in bed sleeping peacefully. He slapped her on her thighs, “Please Usman what is this, you startled me,” she mumbled half a sleep.

What are you doing here, how can you spend a night in your friend house?  “Zainaba where are you?” He shouted before pointing a finger to Sa’ada, “You better leave before I come out,” he said in his drunk voice.

His voice made her wake up, she rubbed her eyes and look at him, is not like she is dreaming he was drunk, “innlalillahi what am I seeing?” She said to herself, a tear trickling down her face.

She was still in the parlor her palm on her chin, she was crying, when he come out brandishing a thick cane, “where are you, are you still here?” he said smashingly seeing the cane make her hide.

He then suddenly begins to vomit and later blackout.

Sa’ada clears the place and leave for her room while crying, she’s gradually understanding how she destroy herself  in the name of finding her happiness.

She went to bed quietly and had a restless night.


Zainab was doing the dishes when her brother tell her Malam Musa was outside waiting for her.

Her heartbeat faster she was choked, so her Father meant it when he say Malam Musa, she has no choice but to go before her mum slander.

The old man was standing by the entrance door, seeing her coming make him grinned, she only glanced at him and lower her gaze, he was shriveled, feable and toothless she just don’t know how to live with him as her husband but her parents won’t understand her feeling.

“Good afternoon” is what she said, “Afternoon my bride,” he replied smiling.

He continued, your Father told me to come so as to know what is you are preparing his voice trembled as he speak.

She gather all her courage to put the tears struggling to be on her chin away “No I have nothing to prepare and am busy now, you come back later please she said stridden inside.

He watched her leave, while licking his lips and smiling he leave his heart full of happiness, he actually loves Zainab since she was 14 but never have a chance till now.

“why are you back so early” her mum asked looking at her.

He said he’s busy  she lied

Ok is what umma Said.

Zainaba felt like crying but she has to finish the dishes,  so to keep back the tears she stretched her heart to the utmost.

She finished the dishes and strode to her room, for the first time since her divorce her courage seemed to desert her, she cry a lot until her eyes reddened and swelled she decided to stay indoors the whole day.

Sa’ada and her friend Aisha were at work in free time talking about Sa’ada’s plight.

Sa’ada was expressing her grief to Aisha about her marriage.

Aisha shake her head; ” Well I Know this time will one day come, I told you to think over it before marrying him, the reason that will make Abu asked for a divorce isn’t small things but you repudiate.”

She sniffed a little and then continued “Seeing you together would be another reason, but not the sole reason to make Abu break her marriage, but you chose to ignore my words and close your eyes.” Aisha said.

“I already made a mistake, and am in pain, what I needed right now is a solution,  when Abu and Usman breakup, my thoughts waa I will be happiest woman, not knowing his love for her is unpredictable” Sa’ada said feebly.

“So why not you asked for a divorce, since living with him is  torturing you.” Aisha advice.

She smirked; “How I wish I can do that, but leaving him will be killing me, I love him with all my heart, I can’t do without him, that thought  is crushing me” she lamented.

Aisha think for a while “Then why not you report him to his mum, I could remembered you once told me he listened to her and do all she wanted,” Aisha insisted.  

Sa’ada smiled ; “What a nice advice, that thought never cross my mind, even so she hate me but I will go insha Allah.”

Aisha! Matron Salma called

“I think the break is over, see you later. ” Aisha said rising up.

Sa’ada called Usman and told him she wanted to visit Hajiya after work.

He told her to wait for him at Hajiya’s place he will pick her up after work and said ok and hang off the call.


Hajiya was dejected to see Sa’ada though she’s trying to concealed her feeling but her face shows how displeased she was to see her.

Sa’ada was down and miserable seeing how Hajiya unwelcome her.

Hajiya dislike Sa’ada if not because of Zainab she wouldn’t let her son Marry a woman like Sa’ada in her life, she hate betrayers.

Sa’ada felt like not complaining but burying her situation  will only make her plight worst, she could not go back without saying what is on her mind, for a time her mind was whirl, the silent grew distressing, Hajiya; Sa’ada began at last she said all she wanted.

Hajiya do not say a word for sometime.

After minutes of silent Hajiya look at Sa’ada who was sitting down beside her feet “Ok I will speak to him, but you have to be patient marriage life is not easy, and reporting your partner to elder or complaining about your marriage life to others in most of the time did nothing but weaken your marriage.

She snapped and then continued Please be like Zainab, she never express her difficulty to anyone am sure she never express her pain to you as her best friend,  she always overcome everything and deal with it herself.

“If you want your Marriage to stick for long, you have to learn to hold your secret, yes how you live with your man is secrets.”

Sa’ada was exasperated she hate the fact that people like Abu better than her, just how can Hajiya said Zainab is better than she is.

Hajiya seems to understand the sadness on Sa’ada’s face…

“My dear I don’t mean to hurt your feeling and You don’t have to worry, I will speak to him and my advice for  you  is that you have to be kind to him, there is nothing that soften human nature as much as kindness….”


Usman dropped by later in the evening Sa’ada was in the kitchen helping Baraka to concoct dinner.

After Usman greeted his Mum he sat down near her feet and then asked about the time Sa’ada come.

Hajiya was vexed,  “Usman what’s wrong with you? So it’s true you are feeling uncertainty about her integrity towards you, after all you know doubting in marriage is prohibited.” Hajiya said belligerently

He lowered his gaze and rubbed his head shamelessly “Am sorry Hajiya is not like am doubting her just wanted to know the time she comes.” he mentioned

Whatever! “But I want you to fear Allah, just because you are the leader of the House doesn’t give you the power to mistreat your wife.”

“She is human just like you, marrying her doesn’t make her your maid, treat her as you want your future son in-law to treat your daughters you are already a father of two girls.”

“Hajiya did she tell you am maltreating her? If she says so am telling you she is lying.” He asked at the same time depending himself.

Hmm Hajiya smirked; she doesn’t have to complain, I already know who you are, and how bad you treated your women, am just telling you in case so that yo do not make another mistake.

He tried to make his voice as meek as possible.

“Hajiya I changed a lot and will Insha Allah never made the mistake again.”

Where is she mow? Sa’ada she’s in the kitchen Hajiya replied.

Hajiya think for a while before saying about the kids I think it’s time to take them back.” Hajiya suggested.

“But Hajiya…”

She raised her palm to stop him ” Don’t say a word I already decided, it’s better you raised them yourself you will be leaving with them today, and you know how you live as a victim of broken family, you need to be careful and vigilance in raising them, make sure your wife treat them as she will treat her own blood.” she cut him

“I will speak to their mum you guys should never made the mistake we made don’t destroy your kids life,” she added.

Hajiya thought living with the kids will help him in keeping away some bad habit, if he see them every day he wouldn’t be beating Sa’ada and if he is seeing them all the time he wouldn’t forget about the fact that he is a father and father of two.

The kids were delighted to know they are leaving with their Dad.

Amira was like “Yaya Ummi so Hajiya will no longer see us to treat us cruelly ko? Ummi smiled; yes na, we are leaving with Dad we will….”

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