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Part 3 of 38 in the Series Voice of Love by Haiman Raees


We met by chance one day 

It’s a beautiful merry day 

In the early month of May

At the last hour of the day 

That changes me forever. 

I can’t really say what happened But Something magical happened 

In the most wonderful way

And The best part of the day 

Was I fall in your river. 

And here we are today 

There’s nothing on our way 

But love to display 

Not today but everyday 

Forever and for ever. 

I loved you yesterday 

I’m loving you today 

I will love you tomorrow 

And the day after tomorrow 

Each day till forever. 

We can dance and play 

On Mondays or Sundays 

Any time of the day 

Full of love full of hope

Forever and ever. 

I love you today 

Like love you yesterday 

I will love you everyday 

More than today or yesterday 

Forever and ever. 

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