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Part 30 of 31 in the Series Voice of Love by Haiman Raees


The winds of love are blowing

Showering us with flowers 

The breeze of affection is here 

And the couples are enjoying 

Enjoying the breeze of love 

The whispers of the wind 

Can only be discern by the 

People of love 

The river of love is flowing

And the lovers are swimming

In it and enjoying themselves

Let the well-wishers be happy

And the haters be damned

For the life of joy can be enjoyed

Only if the lovers are free.

The winds of love carry the messages 

The messages are truly sacred 

So that no ear on earth can hear 

With the simple ability of the ear 

Without the aid of the mind 

Or that of the biggest secret 

Which we all belive is the soul. 

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