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Voice Of Love 6

Mother’s Day

Once again I have to thank God

For giving me a mother like you 

It struct me that I was blessed 

With the most precious gift of all

Which is a mother just like you

Mom is a sacred word in the world

Because you sacrifices your love And existence to raise your child

Mom, I want to thank you again 

For everything you did for me

I know a thanks won’t be enough

For nothing can compare your love

But still, you made me happy 

I love you mom, I love you mom 

Thank you mom, I love you mom. 

To the best mom on earth

The reason behind my smile 

The reason why I am happy

You will always be the best

The inspiration for every test 

You are my world, you mean a lot 

You are in my prayers and thought 

You are the most beautiful soul

You are the most important soul 

There are thousand things you do

There are times I give you pain

Mom, know that I truly love you 

There is nothing beyond you

I love you mom, I love you mom 

Thank you mom, I love you mom.  

Life is more beautiful with you 

The things I learned from you

Will never ever fade away 

You taught me how to care

You taught me how to share

You taught me to smile in pain

You taught me how to try again

You taught me the good and bad 

You cheered me when I was sad

There are endless things and more

That I wish I could share with you 

But no matter where I go 

Know that I love you to the core

I love you mom, I love you mom 

Thank you mom, I love you mom. 

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