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Part 20 of 32 in the Series Voice of Love by Haiman Raees

Good Night

I may not tell you every day 

But, thought of telling you tonight 

That you mean the world to me 

You make my world so bright 

Baby I can’t live without you 

Let me confess that I truly love you 


Night is the time to dream

To stay in someone’s special thoughts

It is a time to unwind, 

And then I have to remind 

To you, that baby I am missing you tonight 

And I truly love you 

I know that you also do 


In the bliss of the darkness 

With the brightness of the moon 

The thoughts in the mind 

When I sit and unwind 

I think about you and your love 

I think about the way you care 

Baby I know you are always there 

That is why I love you so much 

In the night.. When I’m missing you

I’m wishing you a good night

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