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Part 1 of 29 in the Series Mysterious Pen by Haiman Raees

To our parents, the most beloved

To our teachers, the most cherished

To our fans, the most endowed

To ourselves, the well reserved.

© All Rights reserved.


Life is full of mythical energy

Synchronizing in full harmony

Making life’s new symphony 

Like an ant and it’s family

Listen carefully, and you can feel it.

The Myth is alive and strong 

About a child that’ll be born 

He who will destroy this world 

For a time it’ll seems that he won 

But only what’s known is known. 

It is everywhere and nowhere 

On earth and the hemisphere 

Now I sound like Shakespeare 

Because music is everywhere 

Like the hobbit’s story in the shire. 

The sound of thousand destinies

Is slowly surging through me

The shackle of many boundaries

Is finally breaking with me

Because, I bear the voice of myth.

The myth of blood and fire 

Burning in the funeral pryer 

Of kings, Queens and Emperors

Who conquered and reign cities

And killed many for centuries. 

The myth is coming through 

This life is the living proof 

It will surely jag you through 

To the mysteries of the myths

Like the ancient mysteries.

Myths are more than stories

For they serve a big purpose 

In many different cultures 

Myths are actually sacred tales 

Myths answer timeless questions.

 Despite the advent of modernism

No modern hero or his heroism

Can match the tale of the ancients

Those who spawned continents

With heroism above enchantments.

Remember the days of Hercules

The son of the powerful Zeus

Remember the days of Calculus 

Remember the time of the Pharoah 

And the myth of the Norse. 

The Contendings of Horus and Seth 

The brave Amadioha and Sango, 

The beautiful stories of Oduduwa 

With lessons beyond mere parables 

Shining bright white with destinies. 

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  1. Masha Allah Yaya Allah Ubangi yakaro ma fikirada fasaha yakuma daukaki darajarka duniya da lahira alfarmar annabin da alqur’ani

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