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Part 13 of 33 in the Series Our Friendship by Fadimafayau

Ummi finished all the preparation, she’s only waiting for time to Leave. Her mood changes alot, she’s is so happy until her father told her to visit her grandparents (her mother’s parents). He wants her to say goodbye to them that she is leaving the state to study, she actually don’t like visiting them, to her they are the main course of what happened to her mum. She’s only going there because her sister Amira keep begging her to go, if not for that she will not go.

She actually hate to visit them, going to that house remind her of her mum and how the members of that house entreated her.

Baba, Umma and everyone of the family are very happy to see the girls.

A lot of gift are given to them by their grandparents, and uncles, Ummi insisted of not collecting the gift but Amira persuade her and they accepted everything.

Umma cry alot after they left, she always cry whenever she sees them, specially Ummi seeing her remind her of her daughter.

Day before Ummi is leaving they locked their door and cry together Ummi begin to regret her choice, she can’t imagine a day without Amira.

Knowing the condition of Ummi made Amira stopped crying and wiped her tears, before she start comforting Ummi as if she is the older sister.

Yaya you don’t have to worry about me, I will be visiting you every mid term, and I will join you next year she said tapping Ummi’s shoulder a little.

Ummi is so glad to hear that from Amira and Amira become more happier seeing how her words comfort her sister.

To Amira, Ummi is not only her sister but her mum, she had been taking care of her since their parents got divorce.


In spite of the fact that Ummi is in university, nothing changes from her personality. She hardly spoke to any one, she’s always alone, she walked up and down with her nose in the air, and sour expression on her face, her course mate believed she was nasty.

Khadija is Ummi’s course mate they first met during POST UTME, but when they met again for the second time on their first lecture, khadija went to Ummi delightedly, “Hi! we meet again” Ummi who was sitting raised her head and look at khadija for a while and say “But we never meet before.”

It’s not because she didn’t recognize her, but because she never wants be close to anyone.

Khadija smiled “Ok then can you please move let’s squat,” khadija plead.

Ummi look at her with her eyes wide open without saying anything.

Khadija smiled again, “Yes please move” Khadija said again.

Ummi turned her back and look at the empty seats, khadija do not care rather sit close to Ummi after pushing her a little.

It’s after she sat that she looks at Ummi and say, “Sorry for the inconvenience I just can’t see from back,” I am Khadija Abdussalsm, it is nice meeting you, can we be friends?” khadija said extending her hand towards Ummi.

“I am Amatulla Usman Bashir but u can call me Ummi,” Ummi said not taking khadija’s hand.

Khadija took back her hand, and say “no I prefer Amatullah” she said grinning.

Ummi only shrugged without any word.

Khadija is such a carefree person, she never care about how others treat her, she is so friendly and chatty.

Ummi was surprised that she did not hate Khadija, though she hate people who speaks alot.

The fact that Ummi come to class early, and khadija is such a late comer make khadija to always squat with Ummi, though ummi never like it.

Khadija followed Ummi to every place, though she hate the fact that Ummi never said a word to her, after they greated each other every morning.

They went to mosque together, buy food together, and sit at the same seat.

Ummi don’t like the fact that Khadija followed her and she can’t hate her so she never stopped her.

Their course mate thought they are friends, and very close not knowing they only walk and sit together, nothing more.

Ummi was standing outside their lecture room, when khadija strolled by, she stopped close to Ummi.

“Hi!” she said delightedly.

Ummi stared at her, and mumbled something indifferently.

“Where are you going” khadija asked.

Ummi hummed she most think we are friends she mumbled again and then said “To the mosque” immediately wished she hadn’t said it.

“I will walk you”said khadija.

Ummi’s expression immediately change her eyebrows are brought together, her forehead wrinkled which shows how displeased she is with Kadija’s company “No, it’s not necessary.” Ummi replied frowning her face.

“But I headed there too,” Khadija said.

Ummi did not add anything rather she begins to walk, Khadija keep chattering as they walked.

Ummi had finally had enough, she stopped, and turn to Khadija angrily, “Can you please keep quiet, or just excuse me i’d rather walk alone.” She said boiling.

They stared at each other, Ummi had a hard expression on her face, as she glared at khadija. Khadija felt a little bit silly, she smiled, “Common girl what’s that look for? I will keep quiet, is that all.”

As they move on, Ummi is whispering furiously sounded like hissing, she thought khadija is among the unpleasant people she had ever known, though she finds it difficult to hate her, “why is that she keep following me, I wish everybody would just leave me alone,” I’m here to mind my own business and read my books.” she said to herself.

Ummi never wants to befriend any one, as she doesn’t want any one to decieve her, as her mum was betrayed by her best friend, she believed that friendship only destroy people.

Khadija has been absent for almost 4 days Ummi felt bad about it, though they only Walk together but now that she’s not arround she thinks she missed her, and felt bad not knowing the reason she is absent.

With khadija being away for four days, made ummi felt empty, she never know they were this closed, so sitting together, walking together bring people close not necessary talking.

Ummi heard about Khadija being sick at class, the fact that they never have a long talked made Ummi know nothing about khadija, particularly her number.

She has to wait for khadija to come back, so she can wish her well, as she thought it’s a shameful thing for the class members to find out she do not have khadija’s number while alot of them see them as best friends, way they keep asking her what’s wrong with khadija, when will she back is she alright now make her feel bad, “May be am the bad person,” she thought.


The class was already full some student were even sitting on the ground the number of students present is even way too much, as usual khadija is late, when she entered the class she felt as if all the thousands bright-eyed student stared at her, she had no choice but to look for a place at back to sit as she can’t rise her eyes to look for ummi, she moved directly to back seat lowering her gaze.

Ummi saw her when she come in, she can’t help smiling, she rose up from where she is seated and went to khadija.

“Hi” Ummi said and grabbed Khadija’s hand “let go to my seat we can squat.”

It’s after they sit that Ummi look at khadija and say in a low voice “How are you, hope you feel better?” khadija smiled am alright.

As always they left the class together, during zuhur prayers.

Ummi stopped as they walk, and turned to khadija, “may I see your phone” she requested khadija gave her the phone without any hesitation.

She dialed her number, and gave the phone back to Khadija, before saying “here is my number can we be friends?”

Khadija smiled, “but we are friends already, aren’t we?”

Ummi tapped her forehead “I almost forget yes we are’ they both smiled and continue walking towards the mosque…

The closeness between Ummi and Khadija make their course mate always wondered how khadija manage to be with Ummi for that they are totally different. But to khadija difference doesn’t matter in friendship, to build a great friendship or relationship one needs to understand the person he’s with not having similar personalities. With that believe she managed to be Ummi’s friend.

Like always Khadija is sitting on the driver place while Ummi is beside her, “Next week gonna be mid semester break, am curious are you going to Kano during the break?” Khadija said trying to switch the car on.

Ummi shoke her head and said, “No after exams.”

Khadija smiled, “Ok why not we keep coming to school, so that we can study together during the break” khadija insisted.

Ummi smiled, “That’s a good idea but will speak to Inna about it.” (Inna is the woman she’s staying with.) Ummi said.

“Ok you let me know.” Khadija said while looking at the mirror she wanted to reverse the car.

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