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Part 1 of 1 in the Series Relationship by Ummu Adam

The key, the door and the meaning of relationship

Concentration is the key for communication in every relationship.

Communication is the key for understanding in every relationship.

Understanding is the key for realization in a relationship.

Realization is the key to apology in almost every relationship.

Apology is the key to forgiveness in a relationship.

Forgiveness opens the door of happiness in a relationship.

Happiness opens the door of love and affection in a relationship.

Love opens the door of caring, trust and honesty in a relationship.

And all the three (trust, caring, honesty) define the meaning of living together in a relationship.

Living together means supporting each other in thin and thick, happy and difficulties, in a relationship.

And all of the above give the exact meaning of a sincere relationship.

This is what I want.
This is what you want.
This is what she want.
This is what he want.
This is what we want.
In every relationship.

Relationship doesn’t only mean staying together under one roof, rather it means how much love, care, affection, concern, trust, believe, and confident you have in your heart for every single parson in your family.

Staying together is easy, but living together is not.

May Allah protect us and make us happy in all our relationships. Amin.

Love your family, be with them, support them, cherish them and most importantly protect them.

One day you will miss them and they will miss you too, so let’s not be separated before the time.

May Allah make us strong enough to forgive and forget.


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