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Part 14 of 31 in the Series Voice of Love by Haiman Raees

Voice Of Love

You’re eyes, you are my voice 

You’re ears, you are my choice 

You’re my lips, you are my words 

You’re my hands, you are my legs 

You’re my brain, you are my life 

You’re my wrong, you are my right


I swear to love you to forever

I will never let you go, never! 

And never ever let you be blue

Even though I don’t have a clue 

I know I’m safe when I’m With you 

Baby you make me feel brand new 


I don’t know what it is about you girl

That has me completely for you, twirled

My love for you will never fade

I will never love another girl 

You are the girl above any girl 

You can take your place my beloved


Your loving voice

Is like an enchanted melody

Your eyes are so beautiful 

You the person, so wonderful

Your dove like eyes

Has me hypnotized


I can’t believe that you are mine 

And, with each passing time 

My love for you has only grew

It feels so special and so new

My heart yearns for you each day 

But when I see you I lose my say 


The moments when I am with you 

You are truly special you know 

I am lucky to have you with me 

Everywhere I go only you I can see 

Without you I can’t survive

My life is attached to you my love 

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