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Part 2 of 31 in the Series Voice of Love by Haiman Raees

You Are The One

Love is not love, without you

What can I ever do without you

I’m incomplete without you

You’re safe in my heart forever

Because you are the one. 

My heart is dying to see you 

My soul is yearning for you 

I am so eager to be with you 

I promise I will fight for you 

Because you are the one. 

I love the way you love me 

Baby don’t you ever doubt me 

I can teach you how to love me 

I know you’ll never hurt me 

Because you are the one. 

I’m gonna take care of you 

I swear will cherish you 

I will never forget you 

I will always be with you 

Because you are the one. 

You brought a smile to my face 

I will be with you in every phase 

You remind of the old good days 

Now for I can fly to the space 

Because you are the one. 

Baby don’t you go without me 

I fear the day you will leave 

I don’t want to lose you 

I’m living just for you 

Because you are the one. 

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