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Part 31 of 31 in the Series Voice of Love by Haiman Raees


I’m lonely like the bird who lost it’s mother

I’m lonely like a room without light 

I’m lonely like a river without water 

I’m lonely like a sky without clouds 

I’m lonely my love because of you 

My lonely days without you my love 

The lonely days turn into lonely nights

And the days just remain the same

I don’t know what to do my love I don’t what to say oh my love! 

Such is my life without your company 

I don’t have a name without yours attached to mine 

For you are the only I fit to call mine 

Let the sunrise set on your face and mine 

And let the sunset fall back with you in my arms!

When I don’t see your face I feel so blue

What’s the reason I don’t have a clue 

Na manne miki kamar wani superglue 

You are my loving and sweet wife 

Please try and come back to me. 

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