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Part 16 of 33 in the Series Our Friendship by Fadimafayau

It was Monday morning, and Ayatulla’s first day at ABU zariya.

He realized how foolish he was, after seeing thousands females student, at the faculty.

They never met her before it’s only her name he knows. He thinks it’s foolish how he thinks he can find person by just name at entire faculty, it actually a big deal to look for Amatullah in a department of thousands student.

He thinks the only simple way to find her is to asked his father for help but he just can’t do that.

He was sitting lost in thought when two ladies pass by, if he could remember one of the girls is the one on the picture he saw last time on Amstullah’s header.” What if she’s not the person you are looking for? What if she just uploaded her friend.” He thought

“What are you thinking, his inner” self asked, followed them and confirm his stronger part insisted, he rose up only to find out that they are both gone.

Ayatulla was in his room reading some of her comments, the sole comfort he has these days, he suddenly lost in thought he has been thinking the way to find her without seeking for his Father’s help but he couldn’t get any solution he just can’t rely on him in everything.

Balƙisa who was tired of standing before him tapped his shoulder and shook him a little.

He suddenly look at her frighteningly “mtss you startled me” he groaned.

 She laughed “Yaya what happened is something wrong with you?” She asked looking temperamented.

 He smirked! “No it’s nothing am just thinking of how to start studying again.” he said smiling.

 “She sat closer to him and grabbed his hands “common yaya, tell me what’s bothering you, am your only Sister you don’t have to be silky, this is not the Ayatullah I saw last week.” She said softly

He wanted to laugh he just don’t know when this girl grown like this but then he frowned his face “are you calling my name directly?”

She moves a little bit laughing “Sorry man, just kidding” she said her hands steeple together.

The way she said it made him  chortled. “Oya come here, let me beat you” he said joyfully trying to grab her.

She smiled “this is the Yaya I know, please stop the unreasonable thinking and continue being the friendly brother of mine” she begged, even though Ayatu isn’t residing in Nigeria but he’s way to close too to his sister, they speak freely to each other.

“Please tell me I may not have a solution but still I can comfort you, is it about Amatullah?” she suddenly asked.

He looks at her surprisingly, ” it’s not something to be surprised of its all Mami’s doing” his inner self remind him. That woman can’t keep secret as far back as he could remember she will always keep asking him what is wrong whenever she see him angry and if he asked her to keep everything a secret she will promise to” only to tell Dady few minutes after he returned home

He hummed after looking at her now he thinks she is not the same baby he knows, may be that’s why Mami find it comfortable to tell her everything.

She’s still looking at him seems like she’s waiting for his answer ” Yes  is about her” he said looking down as if something bad happened.

“Oya tell me everything you know about her there must be a solution”

“Well I don’t know many things about her but…. He narrated everything he knows”

Balƙisa burst into laughing after he narrated everything. “Yaya where is your sense of reasoning?”  She said laughing.

He narrowed his eyes “What, are you just insulting me?” Said angrily.

She exhaled air after she controlled herself. “Calm down am joking, but you said she is in level 3 right?”

He nodded his head then suddenly smiled why didn’t I think about it.

She laughed “It’s simple you just needs to go to her class and look for Amatullah Usman Bashir.”

Balƙisa was right he slapped his forehead a little I most be stupid not thinking this way” he said to himself and then hugged his sister.

He had a restless night as he was curious about tommorow. The next day he went to Level 3 lecture room female students are not much in Architecture department so as in level 3.

He asked one person  and the man pointed two girls sitting together that’s her he said to Ayatullah.

Ayatulla keep watching the two girls from far he actually don’t know how to toast a girl and his courage always desert him whenever he saw them, they got a charisma which scared men and held them back from speaking to them.

Not at any time did Ayatullah went to his lectures, no does he know what the lecturers thought, He’s at all time in level 300 lecture room, watching the two friends not  very far from behind. This tend to help him know more about about them, one is chatty and so friendly to anyone thet’s the person he saw on Amatullah’s header while the other is such a reticent.

He’s so confused about who he actually loves but his instinct keep insisting that the person writing the words he’s addicted to isn’t chatty.

After several thought he finally decided to approach them, they were together sitting under the tree when he met them, “Good afternoon” he said after announcing his present.

“Afternoon how may I help you?” The chatty one said.

He smiled “I am Ayatullah a level 2 student, I was told that you are among the best student of your level so as your junior am seeking for a favor to please help me with your previous handout and then tutor me on things I find difficult to understand.” He said before sighting with relief.

Khadija smiled “Ok no prob. Write your number here so that we can contact you when we come with the papers” she said extending the book she is holding to him.

He wrote the number, and said I think it will be good if I also have your number so that I can keep reminding you.

“Madam that’s my number Ummi who hasn’t says anything said after Khadija finished saying the number to him”

He smiled ” don’t worry I won’t disturb you with calls I will only be calling 100 times a day”

Ummi burst in to laughing “so you want me to throw the phone away”

Definitely this this is the person I love, now that she smiled, his heart beat faster than usual. “Don’t worry am kidding he said jokingly”

She smiled “I know” she said briefly.

The fact that she speak less, made him fall for her more, though his mind really loves what he is reading on Twitter, but then the attitude of the person he met physically seems more attractive than the words he is addicted to.

It’s been 3 days since he met them but non of them call, He always squandered much of his time looking at the number he saved on his phone, he sometimes felt like calling or sending her message but the dread of being a burden to her dismayed him from calling.

Due to the fact that exam is near made Ummi and Khadija to linger at school, in order to review some of their courses, they had been seated under a tree since morning, behind their faculty, they love  the place, it nice and so silent fresh air is blowing everywhere.

Ayatullah who sat not very far from them, was thinking out of curiosity, “why is that I can’t left after all am tired, what’s just wrong with me? That I kept stalking on them, may be you are out of your mind, his inner voice said.

Way they study remind him of him being a student here, not a stalker, he quickly left the place for that he doesn’t want to give bad inspiration of himself to them.

He drove directly to home, their house was among the finest building in the estate, the gatekeeper opened the gate for him as he horned.

He doesn’t have the energy to drive the car to parking lot, he’s totally fatigue, he parked the car at the forefront of main parlour entrance door, and move languidly at a slow pace to the palour, no one is in the parlor,  the room was so silent, all you can hear is the sound of air conditioner, mami most be in the second floor he thought, and he did not have the energy to go their.

He plodded to his room where he drank fresh milk and laid slump in his bed to rest.

Resting wouldn’t help as the way his body pain, ” I need to take a shower with warm water” he thought.

He laid in a supine position on his bed his arm on his forehead, his eyes close, loss in thought, thinking about Amatullah, it will be better if I can meet her and said my mind, he keep debating in his mind.

“So you are” back his mum voice brought him back to his sense because he is lost in thought, he open his eyes, pulled himself to sit upright “yes few minutes ago” he replied.

“What’s disturbing you ” Mami said after looking at him for some seconds.

He look at himself and rubbed his chin “it nothing am just tired” he said.

“I forget to ask, why did you decided to go back to school” Mami asked pinning him with her eyes.

He avoid eye contact with her, and wiped his face with his palm, a fake smile plastered on his face ‘it’s becouse I wanted to be professor in two different fild.” He lied

She look at him dubiously with her narrowed eyes “are you sure” she asked her eyes on him.

There must be something that was not quite right about him but she could not say what it is.

“Omo, am hungry” he said rising up all in his efforts to avoid her questions, he ate little and went outside the yard to have fresh air.


It was a garden full of flowers, which flourish the environment with their beautiful colour, and nice smell, the chirping of pigeon help to refreshed Ayatullah’s heart, as he spot pigeon everywhere, spring bloom made him thought of his crush Amatullah he wish she is the same person he is looking for.

The ringing of his phone bring  his sense back, he saw  one of his saudiyya student name on the screen after he picked the phone he smiled and then answer the call.

His tone is as if he’s Arabian, the girl complaint about  him leaving without their knowledge, he apologise and promised to visit regularly.

Seeing Fatahurrahman coming his way made him end the call, he can’t wait to see his best friend, he rose up and trudge to him a grin on his face.

They hugged each other delightedly, before Fatahurrahman pushed him slightly, his eyes where bulged, and his nostrils was dilapidated staring at Ayatullah icely.

Ayatullah tapped his shoulder, “Common man, what’s this peeved look for.”

“When did you come back?” Fatahurrahman asked.

“Am sorry I had been waiting for my bag so that I visit you while coming along with your gift, I don’t want to come single handed because of Umma,” Ayatullah explained.

“Please stop trying to make excuses you should at least call.” Fatahurrahman complained again

“I forget but am sorry” Ayatullah said downturned his head.

“Ok it’s in the pass” Fatahurrahman said while sitting.

“I was surprise Fatahurrahman said” Ayatullah look at him raising his eyebrow his head slightly sideways surprise?

“Yes surprise, that you are admitted to our architecture department, I just can’t understand, why would you do that?” He said peering directly to his eyes.

“It’s for you, did you just forget that I have diploma in architecture I just want be like you” Ayatullah said looking serious.

“It’s a lie you must be hiding something, what is it?”

Ayatullah left the place and strolled to his room after saying “This is the main reason why I do not call you, I hate questions.”

“I know the reason, it must be becouse of that Twitter girl” Fatahurahman shouted.

Ayatullah turned back, and hummed, “you must be mad Fatahu, do you think a mair love can dragged me back to Nigeria.”

Fatahurrahman burst in to laughing, “Yes am right she’s the reason your eyes said differently from your mouth.”

“Did you find her?”

“Who is she?” Ayatullah asked.

“The girl you love, as I always said you don’t have to suffer yourself looking for her you can tell me her handle so that I can hack her account to find all the information you need about her.”

“You will never grow” Ayatullah said nodding his head.

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