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Goodbye | Voice Of Love

Reading Time: < 1 minute << Previous Goodbye to you my love,  Goodbye to you my little dove,  Goodbye to you my angel,  Goodbye to you my little ɓingel.  ***** I will always cherish the times,  We laughed on silly things,  I recall the joys we shared,  A time that I will never forget.  ***** I want to be with […]

Our Friendship | Chapter Six

Reading Time: 5 Minutes << Previous Usman was busy roaming about walking to and fro with his arm folded across his chest watching his watch from time to time and hissing at the same time. Sa’ada entered the parlor not noticing his mood, she sat on the three-seater chair saying, “Oh my God am so tired,” she said stretching […]

Our Friendship | Chapter Five

Reading Time: 5 Minutes << Previous Usman’s wedding with Sa’ada transpired. They are gleefully married, although Usman’s attitude changes a lot.  He barely speaks even so he always smiles, but his mind says something different. Sa’ada always Sees pain buried in his eyes despite how hard he’s trying to conceal everything. Sa’ada is certain with time he will eventually […]

My Wife | Voice Of Love

Reading Time: < 1 minute << Previous You and I met each other for the first time one fine day And something magical clicked in the most wonderful way  The way your hypnotizing eyes caged my sight Taking my eyes away from them didn’t feel alright  From that day on, I locked my eyes and my thoughts with you And […]

Remember | Voice Of Love

Reading Time: < 1 minute << Previous I remember I remember  I remember in December  When we found each other  In the middle of the summer  You glow and then you shimmer  Like the sunlight in November  ***** We were friends at first I know  But things then change somehow  And I can’t even tell you how  I love you […]

Voice Of Love | Voice Of Love

Reading Time: < 1 minute << Previous You’re eyes, you are my voice  You’re ears, you are my choice  You’re my lips, you are my words  You’re my hands, you are my legs  You’re my brain, you are my life  You’re my wrong, you are my right ***** I swear to love you to forever I will never let you […]

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