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Mysterious Pen 10
POWER  Some people are seeking power  While others depends on power  We all strive to attend power  As if its simple like takin a shower  A... Read more.
Mysterious Pen 9
INCOMPLETE  The joy of love have forsaken me  The very day that you left me  There is a crack in my life without you  My inner voice is calling ... Read more.
Mysterious Pen 08
HOPE  Hope is that feeling when you can’t stop  Hope is that feeling pulling you to the top  Hope is the way you reach your goal  To do th... Read more.
Mysterious Pen 07
ACCEPTANCE  In a world full of hypothesis  People living with hypocrisy  Their hearts full of jealousy  It’s hard to believe in mercy.... Read more.
Mysterious Pen 06
LIFE OF MISTAKES This is an elephantine mistake: Taking a faux pas as mistake. As a human being, with no sake, May be genuine, sometimes fake. Let your words de... Read more.
Mysterious Pen 2
A SHARP EDGE  You wound, you hang, you kill You burn, you tie and kill in thrill You neglect, imprison and destroy You violate, make an avenger to deploy. You,... Read more.
Mysterious Pen 1
To our parents, the most beloved To our teachers, the most cherished To our fans, the most endowed To ourselves, the well reserved. © All Rights reserved. THE ... Read more.
Mysterious Pen 3
I AM A PEN  I am a pen,  I am a tool and I am a weapon.  I am a pen, I am a friend and I am a foe.  I am a tool,  For the intellectual ... Read more.
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